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Paper Cup Machine

Hot Air Sealed, Two-Piece Paper Cup Forming Machine

Sun 1250 forming extrusion machine is featured for its versatility of forming cups and containers for different applications, such as drink cups, food packaging for noodles, soups, and ice creams.

Sun 1250 hot air seals pre-printed, die cut blanks and rolls of unprinted bottom stock to form a paper cup. The sidewall blank rotary pick and place unit feeds the blank into a shuttle table that ensures proper blank position throughout the forming process. Consistent, accurate control of the paper makes machine adjustments throughout the rest of the cup forming process reliably compensate for changes in material, and helps cup manufacturers form quality cups.

Sun 1250 is made in Taiwan integrating advanced cup forming technique from the world leading cup machine manufacturer, Paper Machinery Corporation in USA, and applying high quality drive systems including cams. With PLC control and HMI touch screen, the machine ensures your with operation and maintenance easy and convenient, production stable and efficient. Production speed can be up to 165 cups per minute.

PE coated cup stocks with proper heat seal satisfaction are recommended to make good cups at your expectations.

Sunwell solution is designed, manufactured, and commissioned by an experienced team of professionals and supported throughout its life with technical assistance, parts, service and upgrades to fulfill and exceed customers' expectations We guarantee the highest level of quality in the execution of projects as a result of up-to-date technology to satisfy all customers' requirements.

Products Hot or Cold Drink Cups; Vending Cups; Ice Cream or Instant Noodle Tubs
Material In-feed Blank Feed Sidewalls, Roll Feed Bottom Stock
Forming Type Single-wrap Two-piece
Production Speed Cup: Up to 150cpm ; Bowl: Up to 135cpm ; Oval or Others: Up to 115cpm
Range of Cup Sizes 75ml to 1000ml
Drive SIEMENS AC Variable Speed Drive
Specification for Tubs Top: 89 mm ~ 142 mm ; Bottom: 64 mm -113 mm ; Height: 75 mm ~ 125 mm
Specification for Cups Top: 54 mm ~ 122 mm ; Bottom: 54 mm - 91 mm ; Height: 50 mm ~178 mm
System Control PLC Controls & Touch Screen HMI
Cups Productivity Max. 9,900 cups/hr for one Machine
Electric Requirement 50-60Hz
Compressed Air 5.6kg/cm2
Machine Vacuum 0.65kg/cm2 another 0.62kg/cm2 for Blank Feeder
Water Required 1.9 l/min @1.4kg/cm2
Space Requirement 10.3M(L) x 3.5M(W) x 6M(H)
Machine Weight 8.5 Tons