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Company Profile

About Sunwell

Sunwell Machines Co., Ltd. established in 1988.

Manufacturers of extrusion and thermoforming equipment for foam and rigid packaging applications.

Established "Global Alliance" with Thermoforming Systems, LLC (USA) to:
Develop advanced thermoforming technology.
Combine European technical expertise and process knowledge for high end sheet extrusion technology.
Offer competitive pricing world wide.

International Resources

Draw upon engineering resources in the United States, Europe and Asia to support and
provide incremental improvements to its broad product line.

Manufacturing in Taiwan.

Sales offices in Taiwan, England, Mexico, Brazil, and USA.

Service support from Germany, UK, USA and Taiwan.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing will develop product requirements that reflect the needs of the market.

Sales will be conducted with courtesy and integrity to insure that the products and services we provide satisfy the customer's needs.


Engineering will provide timely, state-of-the-art solutions that meet customer requirements with high quality and CE Conformity.

Team of highly trained and experience engineers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance will audit vendors regularly and objectively verify product quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

All of these endeavors result in high quality products and services. Every employee action has implications that reflect the actual and perceived quality of Sunwell. Every employee is responsible for that quality.

Approved supplier to TSL-USA for 12 years.


Manufacturing will ensure that finished products are of high quality and that goods manufactured meet product specifications.

20 years experience in manufacturing for in house use.

Wet Test Run & Shipping

Process support will prove conformity to agreed performance during Wet Test prior to delivery.

All equipment fully wet tested prior to shipment to reduce customer risk.


After-Sales support will provide courteous, prompt, and accurate resolution of customer problems.

Large team of skilled process engineers for process commissioning and start up.


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