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EPS / Foam Cup Molding & Making Machine, Cup Rim Curling Machine

EPS Foam Cups Steam Chest Molding Systems

foam cup machine for molding and making

Sunwell Global is able to offer turnkey solutions for the production of EPS cups. The process starts by expanding the gas filled beads through a continuous pre-expander with maximum throughput of 250 kg/hr using beads for multiple foam cup molding machines. The beads are air dried across a fluid bed and sieved to ensure size consistency.

The dry expanded beads are transported by blower to storage / aging bags before being conveyed to the foam cup molding machines.

Sunwell 10 cavity molding machines move horizontally driven by a pneumatic-mechanical toggle system to give powerful clamping forces and high productivity. Design improvements to machine and tooling have led to faster heating and cooling times, reducing steam and energy consumption.

The molding machine is controlled by PLC with a touch screen interface and faster cycle times have improved productivity and reduced floor space requirements.

Sunwell provides cup unscrambling and collecting systems with the option of an automatic and continuous leak detection system. Automatic counting and bagging equipment can also be provided capable of accepting stacks from 4 machines and packing 1 to 3 stacks per bag at a rate of 25 stacks per minute.

Products Coffee or Tea Cups; Ice Cream or Instant Noodle Tubs
Material EPS Beads
Forming Type Steam Pressure / Injection
Cavities 8~10
Cup’s Density 0.045 ~0.1 g/cm3
Platen Movement Horizontal
Drive Pneumatic Toggle System
Product Height 44 ~ 220 mm
Product Dia. 65 ~150 mm
System Control PLC with Touch Screen Control
Cups Productivity 2,500 ~ 5,000 cups/hr per Machine
Electric Consumption 10 ~15 kW
Steam Consumption 150 ~ 200 kg/h 8 bar
Air Consumption 1 M3/Min. 7 bar
Cooling Capacity 500kW per Machine
Space Requirement 1,000 m2



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