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MT Tilting Thermoforming Machine

Trimming-in-Mold Tilt Thermoforming Machine (Press/Vacuum Forming Machine)

vacuum forming machine

The Sunwell MT model is a Form & Trim In-mold Thermoforming machine (press/vacuum forming machine), with automatic, servo electric mechanical drive system that includes an additional tilting movement and automatic stacking system. The MT model is applicable for all typical thermo plastic materials, particularly for products that require precise trim tolerances such as deep draw PP Containers of Drink Cups. This model of machines can be configured to run roll fed or in-line with extrusion line. The state of the art technology is energy efficient and easy to operate with minimum maintenance required.

The top platen is for top mold with male plugs controlled by servo system for uniform wall distribution control. The bottom platen is movable, driven by a conjugated cam system for the forming process and final trim action that enables the mold to tilt by 75 degrees to allow thermoformed containers approach to automation system for the stacking.

The insulated heat tunnel is mounted with high quality ceramic heating elements and equipped with multi controlled zones to ensure the temperature of the sheet is precisely managed. The chain feed index is controlled by a servo motor as well, for accurate index and synchronous signals for the program interface. The chain rail width is adjustable by a series of motors. Sunwell supplies two different automation solutions for the finished product collection which include:

i- Waterfall Automatic Stacking System.
ii- Mandrel Swiveling Automatic Stacking System.

Both can conjugate with automatic packaging system for light weight quality thermoformed containers on fast speed production. The scrap bridge conveyer guides the skeleton scrap to an in-line post-granulator or winder, which are located downstream or turn 90 degrees to the right/left hand machine side to minimize the space requirement and manpower.

The state of the art MT technology is truly global and aims at energy saving, operation friendly, supreme quality, efficient production and minimum maintenance ensuring customers gain maximum profitability.

products made from the vacuum forming machine

Application Cutting in Mold for Deep Draw, Precise Trim Tolerances Products Cutting in Mold for Deep Draw, Precise Trim Tolerances Products
Forming Method Vacuum/ Pressure Forming Vacuum/ Pressure Forming
Forming Direction Below Sheet Forming Below Sheet Forming
Sheet Width 400 ~ 750 mm 550 ~ 900 mm
Maximum Forming Mold Area Max. 700 x 400 mm Max. 900 x 500 mm
Maximum Cutting Mold Area Max. 675 x 340 mm Max. 860 x 440 mm
Max. Depth of Draw 150 mm; 180mm (option) 180 mm
Max. Clamping Force 60 Tons 75 Tons
Shut-height 449 mm 479 mm
Platen Travel 100 mm 140 mm
Max. Cycle Speed 45 cycles / Min. 40 cycles / Min.
Platen Drive AC Servo Driven; Cam Linkage AC Servo Driven; Cam Linkage
Plug Drive AC Servo Driven AC Servo Driven
Sheet Index AC Servo Driven Chain Feed AC Servo Driven Chain Feed
Chain Rail Adjustment Motorized Driven Motorized Driven
Heat Tunnel Length 2,900 mm 3,200 mm
Heating Elements Ceramic Heater Ceramic Heater
Control System YASKAWA 3000 PLC with Touch Screen YASKAWA 3000 PLC with Touch Screen
Stacking System 1. Waterfall Chute
2. Swiveling Pick Place
1. Waterfall Chute
2. Swiveling Pick Place


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