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PET / PP Sheet Extrusion Line

HIPS / PP / APET Rigid Sheet Extrusion Lines

PP Sheet Extrusion (Plastic Sheet Extrusion) 01

Sunwell Global is a world leader in the manufacture of plastic sheet extrusion systems, such as PP sheet extrusion line. We offer complete turnkey systems for mono-layer, multi-layer and barrier layer sheet extrusion requirements. The systems can be configured to run sheet off-line with winding or shearing equipment, in-line with a thermoformer for high volume parts. We offer processing expertise in polypropylene, PET, polystyrene and other polymers. Our typical production equipment extrusion rates begin at 200kg/hr and go up to 4000kg/hr.

The extruders are normally fitted with filtering devices, melt pumps, static mixers, co-extrusion manifolds (where applicable) and state of art manifold flat dies.

The sheet systems typically range in width from 750mm to 1700mm wide. The roll diameters are sized to provide ample cooling based on the process requirements.

Sunwell also offers a complete line of auxiliary equipment for sheet production including: microprocessor process control, gravimetric blending and feeding equipment, coating and laminating stations, sheet gauging systems with automatic profile controls, and winding equipment.

We invite you to join the most efficient and profitable companies in the world that can Sunwell Global their partner in sheet production equipment.

PP Sheet Extrusion (Plastic Sheet Extrusion) 02

Material PS / PP / PET / PLA and Other Rigid Sheet Polymers
Layers Single Extrusion Mono Layer or Co-extrusion Multi Layers
Production Sheet Cut; Reel Wind; In-line with Thermoforming Machine
Thickness 0.2~3 mm
Width 500~1,700 mm
Screw Dia. 50, 65, 75, 90, 100, 120, 130, 150, 180mm & 200 mm
Throughput 200~2,000 kg/h
Line Speed Up to 100 M/Min.
Cooling Rolls Stack Vertical; 45 Incline; Horizontal, J Type and 3rd Roll Rotating Type
Cooling Rolls Dia. 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 750, 900 mm
Heat Exchange Direct or Indirect Type
Slitting Razor Blades, Rotating Blades
Winder Fix Shaft; Cantilever; Removable Roll Cart; Jumbo Roll and Automatic Cutover Turret
Drive System SIEMENS AC Drive with FLENDER Gearbox or Equivalent


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