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EPS / EPE Re-Pelletizers

Foam Re-pelletizer (In-house plastic recycling machine)01

Sunwell offers an innovative range of die face cut, water flushed type reclaim lines for foam re-pelletizing & recycling applications. The process starts with scrap fluff fed into the hopper by an air-vey system, inclusive of a reverse jet fabric filter. The hopper tank includes a rotating blade to avoid bridging to insure flow into a force feeder system. The forced feed system ensures a functional and homogeneous flow of material from the hopper to the feeding connector with internal grooves. The screw design has a large diameter feed zone to provide the surface area and residence time for gradual plasticizing and a fully homogenized melt. It also can handle a large capacity with a low power requirement.

The recycling extruder is equipped with degassing system to purify the melt of volatile contaminants, which avoids the air bubbles, as well as gives a constant flow of material from extruder to the cutting die. The screen changer provides continuous polymer flow and consistent, repeatable process die cutter, extruder and forced feeder speed can be perfectly synchronized to make the process stable and operation friendly.

The die face cutter is horizontally mounted on extruder, which includes an adjustable dial gauge ring to set the blade gap to die face plate properly. Fine tuning the pressure adjustment maximized the blades working life. The side hinge open water drum is equipped with tangential cooling water injection ports to cool and flush the granules to dehydrator or vibrator then to the cyclone collector. Available in 3mm to 5mm granule size with low moisture and uniform shape, which are fundamental for the productivity and quality of the end product.

Foam Re-pelletizer (In-house plastic recycling machine)02

Material EPS / XPS / EPE EPS / XPS / EPE EPS / XPS / EPE
Material Feed Side Force Feed Side Force Feed Side Force Feed
Screw Dia. 85 mm 100 mm 120 mm
Extruder Type Conical Single Conical Single Conical Single
Output 100 ~ 120 kg/h 200 ~ 300 kg/h 500 ~ 600 kg/h
Granular Size 3 ~ 5 mm 3 ~ 5 mm 3 ~ 5 mm
Moisture 3% Less 3% Less 3% Less
Degassing by Vacuum by Vacuum by Vacuum
L/D 34/1 34/1 34/1
Cutting Type Die Face Cut, Water Flush Die Face Cut, Water Flush Die Face Cut, Water Flush
Die Type Horizontal (Melt Flow Direction) Horizontal (Melt Flow Direction) Horizontal (Melt Flow Direction)
Drive System SIEMENS AC Drive with FLENDER Gearbox SIEMENS AC Drive with FLENDER Gearbox SIEMENS AC Drive with FLENDER Gearbox
Space Requirement 10(L) x 2.5(W) x 4(H) M 11(L) x 2.5(W) x 5(H) M 12(L) x 2.5(W) x 6(H) M


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