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Sunwell Global is a market leader in the supply of foam extrusion lines for food and protective packaging applications. Our tandem extrusion lines are able to process EPS, EPE, and EPP.

Sunwell has a range of haul off and winding technology with manual or fully automatic cut and reel change capability all with accurate programmable tension control. We're specializing in production of Thermoforming Machine, Foam Extrusion Line, Sheet Extrusion Line, PP Sheet Extrusion Line, EPS Cup Molding Machine, XPS Board Extrusion Line, PET Sheet Extrusion Line, Foam Cup Making Machine, EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, Re-Pelletizing Machine, Foam Recycling Machine, Thermoforming Tooling, Paper Cup Machine, Crystallizing Drying System, Cup Rim Curling Machine, Thermoforming Pre-heater and Fast Food Packaging Machine .

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